Potty Training Fun‑damentals

A consistent routine with fun activities is the perfect recipe for Big Kid success. That’s why we have all kinds of potty training ideas for you and your child. Whether you’re just getting started or need help keeping it going, learning together is the best way to create healthy habits and encourage your child, day or night!

Big Kid Beginnings

Think your child is ready to be a Big Kid and start potty training? Find out with our quick quiz, gear-up with a list of potty training must-haves, and find fun shared activities plus a progress chart.

  • Take the Signs of Readiness Quiz
  • Print a Big Kid Prep List
  • Discover fun activities
  • Customize a Potty Training Progress Chart
Big Kid Beginnings

Celebrate the First Flush and Every Flush

Congratulations! Your Big Kid is ready for potty time. It’s easy to celebrate their First Flush and every flush after that with these celebrations that turn potty time into fun time.

  • Character Calls
  • Music Room
  • Potty Training Celebration Chart
Celebrate the First Flush

Let’s Do the Potty Dance!

Time to celebrate with your Big Kid? Put on your boogie shoes and do the Potty Dance with fun characters from ballerinas to rockers. It’s the perfect way to get your Big Kid excited about potty training. With music from classical to rock, there’s a Potty Dance for every Big Kid and every potty success celebration.

  • Choose a song
  • Learn the Potty Dance steps
  • Download your favorite songs
Do the Potty Dance

Be a Big Kid at Night!*

Looking for ways to keep your potty training program fun at night? We’ve got three great ways for you and your Big Kid to add buzz to the bedtime light show.

  • Do the Glow Show with Pull-Ups® Night*Time training pants
  • Customize a Nighttime Checklist for your bedtime routine
  • Starry Nighttime – turn your flashlight into a planetarium
  • Personalize a bedtime story starring your Big Kid
  • The Time to Potty app has celebration games just for nighttime
Be a Big Kid at Night!*

Time to Potty

Celebrating together is a great way to learn together. Our new Time to Potty app is a smart timer that provides regular potty break reminders, plus it keeps things fun with over 40 unlockable celebration games. Your child will love learning to go potty.

Time to Potty App