Big Kid Beginnings

Think your child is ready to start potty training? Here’s where to begin. First, be sure you’ve taken the Signs of Readiness Quiz. Next, find the right supplies and tools on the Big Kid Prep List, discover fun activities for your routine, and then customize a Potty Progress Chart. Let’s go!

Think Your Child is Ready?

Let’s see! Take our quiz about the signs of potty training readiness you may be noticing in your child.

Start The Quiz
My child:
Can follow simple instructions when asked to do something.
My child:
Uses words or body language when he or she needs to go.
My child:
Asks to use the toilet or potty chair.
My child:
Shows increased interest in the bathroom.
My child:
Stays dry for at least two hours.

You’ve Got a Big Kid!

It sounds like your child is showing common signs of potty training readiness. Wondering what to do next?
Read about getting started >

See the Big Kid Prep List

Your Child Might Not be Ready Yet.

Keep watching for more signs because it might not be long! Get ready ahead of time by learning what to do when it’s time to start.
Read about the signs of readiness >

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Big Kid Prep List

Use our quick list to make sure you’ve got the essentials covered in advance, so when your Big Kid is ready, you will be too.

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Potty Training Progress Chart

Encourage and track your child's potty training accomplishments! Get your printable, personalized weekly progress chart in three easy steps.

Choose your theme:


Select the milestones you want to track with your chart and then see a preview before you print it.

Select which goals to track:

I told my parents I needed to go

I sat on the potty

I went potty

I wiped

I flushed the potty

I washed my hands


From a high five and a hug to a silly face contest with Dad, add how you plan to celebrate with your Big Kid.

How will you celebrate?