Celebrate the First and Every Flush!

Pull-Ups® training pants are proven to deliver more potty training success. Pair them with a consistent routine and you'll be on your way to victory. It's easy with our customizable celebration tools that engage your Big Kid and give positive reinforcement. How will you celebrate?

Your Big Kid is Big News!

From weather and politics to sports and showbiz, your child's potty success is all over the Potty News Network! Watch the preview for the full scoop. Create. Share. Celebrate!

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Big Cheer

Crowds of happy people gather to say "Congrats, Big Kid!"


Congress unites to pass a national potty holiday.


Big Kids from across the globe celebrate potty time.


Today’s First Flush is a boost to the economy.


Exclusive Frequent Flushers Club welcomes newest member.


Potty time parents make it to the medal podium.


See the newest name on the Walk of Fame.


Furry First Flushers join the potty celebration.

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Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse

"Hot Dog!"

Tori Tori

Pop Tori
"OMG! Way to be!"

Tex Tex

Country Tex
"Yeehaw, partner!"

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First Flush
Play Again

PNN Exclusive:

Nation Reacts to {{name}}'s First Flush

Watch breaking news starring America’s newest Big Kid, {{name}}

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  • {{name}} is a Big Kid now. Sources report more flushes on the way.
  • Consumer confidence soars after news about {{name}}'s First Flush hits Wall Street.
  • Sweeping changes are underway at {{name}}'s house where more potty breaks end with a flush.
  • Today's first flush prompts experts to suggest that {{name}} is a big kid now.
Congrats! {{name}}
  • {{name}} Boosts Economy
  • Flushable Wipes® Demand Rises
Way To Go

Video Character Call

After visiting the potty, celebrate with a simulated call from your child's favorite character. Choose from Minnie, Finn, Mater or Cinderella.

Create a Call

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Choose from Minnie, Finn, Mater or Cinderella.

Minnie Minnie


Finn Finn


Mater Mater


Cinderella Cinderella


Share the Fun with Other Parents

Spread the news! Let other moms and dads know about the Video Character Call. If their kids are potty training, you might just be their new hero.

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Ring... Ring... Ring...

Answer Call

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Make Some Noise

Help your Big Kid celebrate in style in our First Flush music room. Click on the instruments to strike up the band and get the party started!

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Potty Training Progress Chart

Encourage and track your child's potty training accomplishments! Get your printable, personalized weekly progress chart in three easy steps.

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Select the milestones you want to track with your chart and then see a preview before you print it.

Select which goals to track:

I told my parents I needed to go

I sat on the potty

I went potty

I wiped

I flushed the potty

I washed my hands


From a high five and a hug to a silly face contest with Dad, add how you plan to celebrate with your Big Kid.

How will you celebrate?