We have loads of answers. We’ve answered some of the most common questions we hear about PULL-UPS® Training Pants right here, and we also have answers to questions about PULL-UPS® Training Pants with Cool Alert®.

Why should I use PULL-UPS® Training Pants instead of diapers?

A comprehensive study by the Medical College of Wisconsin showed that when a child is ready to toilet train, moving out of diapers and into training pants (like PULL-UPS® Training Pants) was effective for rapid potty training progress.

PULL-UPS® Training Pants are designed to get your child interested in training, and that can make the whole process easier. The stretchy sides let your child pull them on and off like real underwear, to reinforce those Big Kid® habits. Being able to pull on and off your own underwear may not seem like a big deal to grown-ups — but it’s a huge step forward for a toddler. Switching between diapers and training pants can confuse your child and slow the process. Using Pull-Ups® Night*Time Training Pants with extra absorbency will give you the confidence to stay consistent when potty training — even at night!

What sizes do PULL-UPS® Training Pants come in?

PULL-UPS® Training Pants come in three sizes: 2T–3T (up to 34 lbs.), 3T–4T (32–40 lbs.) and 4T–5T (38+ lbs.). PULL-UPS® Night*Time® Training Pants are available in two sizes: 2T-3T and 3T-4T.

Choosing the right size can make all the difference when it comes to on and off, and leak-guard performance.

When should I use PULL-UPS® Training Pants for potty training?

PULL-UPS® Training Pants are a great way to introduce potty training. Be sure your child is ready by checking for the signs. Once you make the big switch out of diapers, stick with it. Switching back and forth from diapers to training pants can be confusing to your child. And according to recent research, going back to diapers can actually slow the training progress.

Does it matter whether my child wears “girl” pants or “boy” pants? Can’t I just use unisex training pants?

As children go through toilet training, they become increasingly aware of gender differences. They look forward to becoming a “big boy” or “big girl.”

How can I get coupons for PULL-UPS® Training Pants?

You can click on Special Offers right here online to see the monthly special. Coupons can be printed out from the site. Also, sign up for regular e-mail updates about when to look for coupons in your Sunday newspaper and for other special offers from PULL-UPS® Brand. We regularly send coupons to families with potty trainers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cool Alert®

What is Cool Alert®?

PULL-UPS® Training Pants with Cool Alert® is an innovative potty training pant that helps toddlers feel cool within seconds of becoming wet. This cool feeling is an additional aid to help potty train your child.

How does Cool Alert® work?

When a child wets the pant, a special material reacts with urine to provide a cool sensation. This cool feeling is similar to the change you feel when touching cool tap water, remaining cool for a few minutes.

As with any product, should your child experience a rash or irritation when using Pull-Ups® Training Pants with Cool Alert®, we suggest that you try using Pull-Ups® Training Pants with Learning Designs®.

What area gets cool?

The inside of the pants contains a white patch that is approximately 3” x 3”. When this patch gets wet, it gets cool.

How long before it cools after the child urinates?

Cool Alert® begins cooling within seconds of becoming wet.

How do I know if my child is feeling the cool effect of Cool Alert®?

Watch your child for signs of feeling cool. These signs may include

  • Walking funny after wetting
  • Stopping activity and standing still
  • Making a funny face
  • Pulling on the pant
  • Asking to be changed more frequently or to use the potty.

If you notice any of these signs, use it as a potty training moment. Take your child to the potty and encourage him or her to try to use the potty to avoid feeling the wetness and coolness. Remember to praise your child for positive behaviors.