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Need some advice when things aren’t going as expected? Want to share a potty training tip with other parents? This is the place to be! Choose from the four categories below and find all you need to know.

  • The Big Finish to Potty Training

    The Big Finish to Potty Training

    Potty training is pretty exciting in the beginning. But what to do when the thrill is gone; when it’s not so exciting to interrupt a fun activity to go to the potty; when wearing diapers seems to be as easy as anything else? There are plenty of activities to maintain your child’s interest in training and other techniques to keep them aiming for the “Big Finish.”

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  • Refusing to Use the Potty – My Tips for Success

    Refusing to Use the Potty – My Tips for Success

    Do you hear “No” a lot these days? Your toddler can’t help it — saying no is their first step on the road to independence. It sure makes potty training complicated, though. Keep these tips in mind while you’re dealing with a defiant toddler.

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  • Getting Potty Training Advice

    Getting Potty Training Advice

    Now that we’re living in the information era, parents are turning increasingly to the Internet for advice on how to help a child potty train successfully. Here are some tips for finding credible and trustworthy advice.

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  • Recognizing the Urge

    Recognizing the Urge

    Parents usually recognize when their child has to go to the bathroom (the wiggle, the crossed legs.) The trick is turning those signals into teachable moments so your child recognizes that what’s going on can go into the potty!

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  • Potty Training During the Holiday Rush

    Potty Training During the Holiday Rush

    With guests visiting from out of town and families taking the festivities on the road, potty training can be especially difficult around the holidays. If you are in the midst of training, there are ways to help ensure that the hectic holidays can still lead to potty training success.

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  • Regression is Normal!

    Regression is Normal!

    It’s one of the most frustrating aspects of potty training: Your toddler has been in underwear for weeks when suddenly he or she begins to have accidents. But don’t worry — you can get back on track with training despite a bout of regression.

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  • Potty Training and Bedwetting – What’s the Difference?

    Potty Training and Bedwetting – What’s the Difference?

    As a pediatrician and mom, I have spent numerous hours listening to other moms' concerns about potty training. There are many misconceptions about achieving daytime and nighttime dryness in children and understanding when a child is fully potty trained.

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