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Need some advice when things aren’t going as expected? Want to share a potty training tip with other parents? This is the place to be! Choose from the four categories below and find all you need to know.

  • Essential Tools for Potty Training

    Essential Tools for Potty Training

    Former Pull-Ups® Potty Training Partner and stay-at-home mom, Julie Anaya, offers real-life insights about creating an effective system for potty training. We talked with her about toilet training and the steps she took to ensure her toddler felt like a Big Kid.

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  • All About Potty Seats

    All About Potty Seats

    It’s all about independence. That’s the word on potty seats from family practitioner and parenting expert Dr. Jody McVittie. Read about expert advice to help boost your child’s independence and create a casual attitude when they are using the bathroom.

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  • How to Dress for Success

    How to Dress for Success

    For children who are in diapers full time, cute toddler outfits are just fine, but when a child begins potty training, it’s time to put them in the back of the closet or give them to the local thrift shop. When it comes to potty training, simple and easy-to-use clothes outrank cute and adorable.

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  • Steps to Overnight Success

    Steps to Overnight Success

    Your child may be a pro at staying dry during the day, but nighttime can be a different task altogether. Don’t get discouraged though, because nighttime is typically the part of the day that takes the longest for a child to master. But a little planning and patience can make it much easier for your tot to succeed.

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  • Reward Ideas for Your Big Kid

    Reward Ideas for Your Big Kid

    Have you ever rewarded yourself for a job well done? Maybe you bought your coffee instead of making it. Or maybe you enjoyed a half-hour in the bathtub with no interruptions (or rubber ducks floating around next to you). Children need rewards too, especially during training, and a little reward can go a long way to make them feel special.

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  • Potty Training on the Go: Top Tips for Potty Training Outside the Home

    Potty Training on the Go: Top Tips for Potty Training Outside the Home

    Making sure your child is comfortable is an essential step while training on the go. Here we have several moms sharing tips about training on the road, in public bathrooms, and remembering to stay patient and calm during the process.

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    Check out videos featuring the latest celebrations from the Pull-Ups® team, fun potty dances, and healthy hygiene songs made for you and your Big Kid alike!

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