What Does a Little Monster Take?
A Potty Break!

Mike and Sulley had to go to college to learn how to be scary. Now they can help your child study up on being a Big Kid with Monsters University fun from Pull-Ups®. A consistent potty training routine is a great way to achieve success, so start today!


Big Kid Timer

Help your child roar into Big Kid status. Download the Big Kid Timer with Monsters University characters for your desktop or get the Pull-Ups* Big Kid App for monster fun on the go.

Get a Call From Mike or Sulley

Let your Big Kid know it’s time to take a potty break! Get a real phone call reminder from Mike or Sulley — the stars of Monsters University.


Step 1:

Pick a monster.

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Click Mike or Sulley to choose a character and preview your call.

Step 2:

Choose a time.

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Step 3:

Enter your phone number.

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Pull-Ups* Big Kid App

Get more monsterfuls of potty break fun from the Pull-Ups* Big Kid App, featuring the Monster Study Hall game and the Pull-Ups* Big Kid 3D Celebration.

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