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How to Potty Train Your Eager-to-Please Child

No one is happier to get potty training started than toddlers with eager-to-please personalities! (OK, except maybe you.) This is a kid who wants to know how the big kids use the potty, and wants to join their ranks.

Dad congratulating boy in the bathroom after he uses the toilet

Tips for Potty Training Your Eager-to-Please Child

Here are some tips on how to achieve potty training success with your eager-to-please toddler:

  • Embrace Enthusiasm: Build on your agreeable child’s natural inclination to be energetic and eager to please.
  • Do It Together: Go to the bathroom together whenever you can. Your cooperative toddler will love the time together and wants to be like you!
  • Eyes on the Prize: Find a reward that your eager little one will appreciate and use it as an incentive.
  • Keep it Positive: Your eager-to-please toddler thrives on positive feedback. Encourage them and make sure you notice their efforts!
  • The Right Way to Train: Kids with this personality want to do things the right way so let them know that diapers are for babies, and now that they’re getting to be a big kid, they use Pull-Ups® training pants.
Pull-Ups Personality Puppy Image.
We’ve also compiled some essential reading that will help you and your Eager-to-Please Child train together.