Dad congratulating boy in the bathroom after he uses the toilet

Your child’s personality is a Puppy

No one is more eager to begin potty training than the Puppy! (OK, except maybe you.) This is a kid who wants to know how the big kids use the potty, and wants to join their rank.

Get started

Start your journey with some key tips & tricks for your Puppy:

  • Embrace Enthusiasm : Build on your Puppy’s natural inculcation to be energetic and eager to please.
  • Do It Together : Go to the bathroom together whenever you can. Your Puppy will love the time together and wants to be like you!
  • Eyes on the Prize : Find a reward that your Puppy will appreciate and use it as an incentive.
  • Keep it Positive : Your Puppy thrives on positive feedback. Encourage her and make sure you notice her efforts!
  • The Right Way to Train : Puppies want to do things the right way so let them know that diapers are for babies, and now that they’re getting to be a big kid, they use Pull-Ups®.
Pull-Ups Personality Puppy Image.
We’ve also compiled some essential reading that will help you and your Puppy train together.

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