Involve your free-spirited child in the prep for your excursion. “When we go to Grandma’s (the store, restaurant, shopping center, etc.), we need to have some potty parties. Let’s pack the bag together! Which Disney characters would you like to invite to join our potty party? Should we bring our book?”

  • Find and examine the bathrooms when you arrive. “Let’s see where we’re going to have our potty parties while we’re here.”
  • Use a timer, setting it to fewer minutes than you use at home in order to allow for more time to find a restroom when you’re traveling.

The world is so full of interesting things that your free-spirited child may need some help remembering to stop and have a potty party now and again. 

For Longer Trips

When you’re on longer trips, give your child the option to wear Pull-Ups® training pants or training underwear even if they’re regularly in underpants. A child who is sometimes in underwear but who will be going on a long trip will probably do best wearing Pull-Ups. Explain by saying, “Things are going to be different today and sometimes we won’t be able to get to a potty fast enough.” However, a child who regularly wears undies might feel insulted by having to wear Pull-Ups again. For these children, you might bring some Pull-Ups along and have them handy just in case they’re needed during the trip. 

Potty Talk:

  • We will be in the car/plane for a long time today. Will you feel more comfortable in your Pull-Ups or in the underwear you’ve been wearing?”
  • “If you start to feel like you have to go, tell me right away because it may take us a little longer than usual to find a bathroom. As soon as you tell me, we can do our best to get to the potty in time. It’s OK if we don’t make it, though, because you have your Pull-Ups on. Sometimes, kids don’t make it to the potty on time during long trips, and that’s OK.”
  • “What do you think an airplane potty looks like? Do you think it’s the same as at home? I bet you can’t wait to make the flusher go whoosh on an airplane. And wait until you see the tiny sink!”