Your little one is about to hit the hallways — this is an exciting moment! But it's also the time to start planning for potty training at preschool. To help make sure everyone's ready for the big day, check out this list of potty training readiness tasks:

  • If you’re potty training in advance for preschool, be sure to give the process enough time. You don’t want to be pressuring your child in the final week of summer.
  • Before preschool begins, find out how the potty situation is handled in your child’s classroom. Tell the teacher your observations and any concerns and ask her advice. Good preschool teachers understand that children vary tremendously in their potty-learning readiness and will happily discuss the situation with you.
  • Lay the groundwork by talking with your child about the three potty basics:

1) Everyone has to go sometimes.

2) What it feels like when you have to go.

3) What to do about it.

Take note of how your child reacts to this discussion. Work as a team — and use our tips, based on our Potty Personalities. If you don't know your child's potty personality, take the Personality Quiz to receive potty training lesson plans tailored to your child!

Eager-to-please children tend to adapt fairly well to the preschool potty routine. Make sure your eager-to-please toddler knows where the potty is and how the process is handled. Give lots of encouragement.

Shy children often worry and resist the idea of potty training at school. Make sure they become very familiar and comfortable with the bathroom at school. Pressure from teachers or peers will make things more difficult.

Free-spirited children can be encouraged to try the potty with their friends at school, as part of the group. But don’t expect perfection. This will likely be a longer process for your free-spirited toddler.

Cautious children are class leaders in potty learning and are encouraged by putting them into a role model position.

High-energy children are squirrelly at school! They do best when they are escorted regularly to the potty. Don’t count on them handling the potty process alone just yet.