Potty training is a major milestone for your child, marking the beginning of Big Kid status. You can get the whole family involved in making sure the potty training journey goes as smoothly as possible by creating a plan and following a standard routine. Set your child up for potty training success by making sure both parents, and even older siblings, know the plan.

Here are tips for the whole family:

Be prepared. Let your child pick out a potty seat and make a fun experience out of a trip to the store. If you order one online, let them pick it out and open the box when it arrives. Choose training pants with their favorite colors or characters on them, and bolster their sense of independence by transitioning to Pull-Ups® Training Pants that they can slide on and off all by themselves. 

Don’t stray too far from home in the beginning. When potty training begins, it’s very important for your child to have quick access to a potty. If possible, plan on hunkering down at home for the first few days, so your child feels safe and comfortable and knows exactly where the potty is located. 

Be consistent with rewards. Finding the right incentive for your child can be a challenge and is largely dependent on their personality. Try to focus on what would be extra special for your child. Using a sticker chart is an easy way for kids to demonstrate a visual guide of their progress. Make sure to let your child place the sticker on the chart to keep them engaged. Reading books, watching a special video, or having a spontaneous dance off are other ways to celebrate each potty win. You can even get your child excited to start training by receiving a video call from one of their favorite Disney characters. 

Praise each step. The potty training journey can be full of twists and turns. Be sure to make your child feel good about missed attempts, and never scold or shame them for not getting it right. If your child feels good about potty training, they will keep trying and will eventually get the hang of it. Everyone in the family should encourage your potty trainer!

Throughout a child's potty training journey, it's important that all caregivers are offering support and following consistent tactics. Focus on making potty training something the entire family celebrates so your child will be extra motivated to succeed.