Here are five suggestions to help celebrate the beginning of this milestone.

1. Take a special shopping trip to pick up some potty essentials. Choose a local store where you can easily purchase a potty and Pull-Ups® Training Pants with your child. Let them have a sense of ownership over the process by allowing them to select the potty and some special Pull-Ups® that have their favorite characters on them. Don’t pick up anything else on this trip – just make it about potty training so your child feels important.

2. Have an arts and crafts session to create a potty training sticker chart. There are lots of great sticker charts you can easily find and print online (including here on this site!), but if your child is interested in arts and crafts, making their own sticker chart could be a great way to get your child excited. First, gather all the supplies you’ll need, such as poster board, stickers, markers, and pencils. You can create the sticker chart grid beforehand so that all your child needs to do is decorate. Alternatively, you can also glue a one-month wall calendar onto your poster board as a base for the chart. Letting your child personalize the chart could make all the difference.

3. Surprise your child with a potty training cake. Using Pull-Ups® Training Pants and underpants with your child’s favorite characters and colors, build a potty cake that you can use as a centerpiece for a celebratory meal with your child. Simply roll the Pull-Ups® and underpants into tight rolls and bundle them to create a “cake” base, which you can tier. Then decorate it with ribbons or colorful magic markers that coordinate with your theme. Top the cake with a unique book that your child can read on the potty.

4. Find some printable potty training certificates online or create your own and present your child with the certificate when they begin their journey, or successfully go on the potty for the first time. Take a picture of your child with the certificate and print it out to display it in a prominent place so they can be reminded of their impressive achievement and show it off to family members and guests. This certificate is a great way to demonstrate the decision you and your little one are making to embark on the potty training journey together.

5. Come up with a unique “going to the potty” song together. Does your child have a favorite song that you can repurpose with some potty training lyrics? Try making up some funny chorus that you and your child can sing when they are sitting on the potty or after they’ve successfully gone. Adding a melody will make potty training something fun to look forward to.

Setting off on the potty training journey is exciting for you and your child. Make sure they’re not feeling too much pressure, and keep things fun and positive. Remember, this is an important milestone for your child so make this a bonding moment for both of you – one that sets the tone for your parent/child partnership for years to come!