Puppy personalities have lots of energy, and are pretty easy to direct. They're loving, enthusiastic, and only irritable when hungry, tired or sick. Any other time, your Puppy is generally happy, pleasant and ready to go. These characteristics will translate to potty training. She notices when her diaper is full, but she is not necessarily bothered by the sensorial change. Puppies may or may not tell you when they've pooped, but overall they are interested in the potty. As you begin potty training, your Puppy will need an overview of changes, but will be eager to please. He will want you to be a part of the process, and because Puppies are so congenial, their friends can be a good help in the process, as can family members and other caring adults. Your Puppy is so enthusiastic, he’ll want everyone involved, so don’t be surprised if he tells the teacher or an unsuspecting mailman, “Guess what? I pooped in the potty!”

If you’re lucky enough to have a Puppy, enjoy. You’ve got the kind of child who potty trains quickly and easily. Progress will usually be predictable and straightforward. The hardest part of potty training a Puppy? Not bragging to other parents!