Turtles are interested in potty training, but they’re suspicious of the process because it’s something new — and they aren’t so eager to try it out. They also have a will of steel; they’re persistent and insistent on doing things their own way. Rather than fighting their style, we’ll talk about how to work with their strengths.

In the first part of potty training, your Turtle needs time to adjust to the whole idea of this new phase of life. You’re kind of rocking his world here, so you need to do so in a careful manner. Also, Turtles need their favorites to be a part of the process while they’re being introduced to new equipment, such as Pull-Ups® Training Pants or a potty. Maybe that means the beloved stuffed animal needs to come into the bathroom for moral support. It’s essential that you follow your Turtle’s cues to know when she’s ready, as pushing too soon is sure to backfire and delay the process.