Take the Potty Training Personality Quiz

Successful partnerships start with knowing your child’s potty personality type. Take note of your answers to the following questions:

  1. How active is your child?
    1. Energetic, but easy to direct
    2. Prefers quieter activities
    3. Floats from place to place
    4. Determined and busy
    5. Never stops!
  2. How predictable is your child about eating, sleeping & pooping?
    1. Regular & predictable
    2. Irregular & unpredictable
    3. Regular, but flexible
    4. SUPER predictable!
    5. Regular, if they slow down

  3. How does your child adapt to new changes? They’re…
    1. Enthusiastic & eager
    2. Hesitant & nervous
    3. Comfortable & relaxed
    4. Inquisitive & excited
    5. Hyper & active
  4. What is your Big Kid’s mood when expressing their wants/needs?
    1. Happy & pleasant
    2. Hesitant & worried
    3. Carefree & buzzing along
    4. Happy, if all goes their way
    5. Wild & enthusiastic
  5. When learning new things, is your Big Kid persistent?
    1. Yeah – if they’re in a good mood
    2. Extremely!!
    3. Sure – until they’re bored
    4. Yes – if they know the rules
    5. No – WAY too hyper
  6. How does your child react to a full diaper?
    1. Totally random!
    2. Resistant to tell me
    3. Absolutely clueless
    4. Very aware
    5. Too hyper to say
  7. How does your Big Kid seem when talking about the potty?
    1. Pretty happy!
    2. Nervous & dubious
    3. Curious but restless
    4. Interested & inquisitive
    5. Too energetic to talk

Now, tally up your results. How many did you get of each of the following?

___ A

___ B

___ C

___ D

___ E


Based on research and observation of personality types in young children, we’ve developed five potty training personalities.

If you answered…

  • Mostly As, your child’s potty training personality is: Eager-to-Please. Get training tips.

Tied score? Feel like another personality type is a better fit?

You know your child best! Here are more details about each of the personality types to help you choose the tips that will work for your Big Kid.

  • Eager-to-Please Personality. Ready. Willing. Eager to please. Kids with this personality have lots of energy and are pretty easy to direct. They’re loving, enthusiastic and only irritable when hungry, tired or sick. If this describes your child, they’re generally happy, pleasant and ready to go — characteristics that translate well to potty training. Your child will probably notice when their diaper is full but not be necessarily bothered by the feeling of it. Overall, they will be interested in the potty. Get training tips.

  • Shy Personality. Shy. Nervous. Resistant to change. If you have a child like this, they’ll likely be interested in potty training but suspicious of the process because it’s something new. So they probably won’t be too eager to try it out. They also have a will of steel; they’re persistent and insistent on doing things their own way. Get training tips.

  • Free-Spirited Personality. Independent. Free-spirited. Fun loving. These kids will be willing as long as the potty training journey is fun. When their interest wanders, however, they can be easily distracted. They don’t notice — or care — if they have a full diaper and are unlikely to pipe up if they need a change. Get training tips.

  • Cautious Personality. Careful. Detailed. Follow directions. Kids with this personality type have a lot of strengths that fit nicely into the potty learning journey, and they often are potty trained fairly early on the age spectrum. In the first part of potty training, they need to know the rules ­— and they want to do everything right. Cautious kids will follow your directions, so give them clearly and in order. They’re known to concentrate well when they understand what’s expected and have some guidance. Get training tips.

  • High-Energy Personality. Driven. Energetic. Easily distracted. If these words describe your toddler, they’ll need constant interaction, whether it’s keeping them company in the bathroom or playing a game to keep them interested. Kids with this personality are hyper, and making sure they have enough play time to burn off some energy will help them settle down to try the potty. Get training tips.

Most importantly, we know that all Big Kids and their parents want to enjoy their experience on this journey together. Be sure to check out our potty training games, tools and tips for making potty training as fun as it can be!