Potty training can be stressful at times, but with the right game plan and some expert help, you and your toddler can actually make it fun and rewarding. We've put together nine quick and easy-to-follow videos addressing some of your most pressing potty training questions – and provide pointers from Dr. Heather Wittenberg. “As a child development expert, I find that many parents have the same questions about potty training. If you check out the potty pointer videos below, I promise you’ll be way ahead of the game and prepared for some common potty scenarios,” says Dr. Heather.

From the difference between potty training boys and girls to easing your worries about regression, we've got all of the expert potty training advice you need.

Potty Pointer: What if my child has stage fright?

Going to the bathroom can be scary for kids first learning to potty train. How can you convince your little one to use the potty? Dr. Heather explains why some children are less interested in going to the bathroom like bigger kids.

Potty Pointers: Shy Bladder During Potty Training by Pull-Ups


Potty Pointer: Why choose Pull-Ups instead of switching between diapers and pants?

Potty training in both pants and diapers can be confusing. Dr. Heather explains why consistency throughout the potty training process is key.

Potty Pointers: Why You Should Keep Kids Out of Diapers During Potty Training by Pull-Ups


Potty Pointer: Do girls potty train faster than boys? 

Dr. Heather notes that while little girls tend to be a bit more advanced, it doesn't mean boys are destined to take longer when potty training.

Potty Pointers: Why Girls Potty Train Faster Than Boys by Pull-Ups


Potty Pointer: Should my little guy stand when peeing?

Standing up to pee is a hard task for little boys when first learning to potty train. Watch as Dr. Heather provides some insight on training little boys.

Potty Pointers: Potty Training Boys While Standing Up by Pull-Ups


Potty Pointer: Why should I switch to Pull-Ups Training Pants?

Toddlers want to feel in control when they are learning how to potty train. Dr. Heather explains how Pull-Ups® help your child as they go through this important milestone. 

Potty Pointers: Switching to Training Pants by Pull-Ups


Potty Pointer: What should I do if my kid is taking forever to poop?

Sometimes it can take a while for a kid to go to the bathroom. Watch as Dr. Heather talks about what you should do as you wait for them to go number two.

Potty Pointers: Helping Toddler Poop by Pull-Ups


Potty Pointer: Should I be concerned with my daughter's poor behavior? 

Poor behavior could be a sign your child is frustrated with potty training. But is this a normal part of the process? Watch as Dr. Heather explains how to get through your child’s potty training journey as painlessly as possible.

Potty Pointers: Temper Tantrum During Potty Training by Pull-Ups


Potty Pointer: Should I be worried about regression?

Accidents can happen during the process of potty training. Watch Dr. Heather explain what to expect from accidents during potty training, and what it means for your child.

Potty Pointers: Toddler Potty Training Poop Regression by Pull-Ups


Potty Pointer: What should I do if potty training isn't working after a while?

When it comes to potty training, some children can be stubborn. They may even wear their potty seat on their head! If you relate to these setbacks, Dr. Heather has some tips for you. 

Potty Pointers: Potty Training A Stubborn Child by Pull-Ups


With Pull-Ups Potty Pointers, you are just a click away from Dr. Heather's expert recommendations to help you guide your child through this exciting and momentous time with as little stress as possible.