Ask Pull-Ups, Call Mickey Mouse Introducing a fun way to potty train. The new Pull-Ups voice assistant helps you through the potty training journey with your smart speaker.

'Potty training fun for everyone Pull-ups utilizes potty reminders, positive reinforcement, and Disney characters to help make potty training a fun bonding experience.  Encouragement + Bonding This is a unique experience for you & your Big Kid. Create a partnership that will celebrate all the milestones of growing up! Rewards + Incentives Make potty training fun and exciting with songs and character calls to congratulate your Big Kid along this journey.  Tips + Tricks We are here to help! FAQs and daily tips will help you create the right program for your Big Kid and be successful together.  Things You Can Say Here are some things you can ask Alexa or Google Home ''Call a Disney Character.'' ''Set a potty-break reminder.'' ''Celebrate going potty.'' ''Give me a tip of the day.'' ''When should I start potty training?'' Get Started When it's time for your Big Kid to start potty training, enable Pull-Ups on Amazon Alexa or Google Home.  Enable The Skill Say ''Alexa, Open Pull-Ups'' or ''Hey Google, Open Pull-Ups'''