Check out some of the most common questions we get about Pull-Ups®, potty training and more.

Potty Training

All Pull-Ups® products are disposable training pants designed to look and fit more like underwear. They are intended specifically for potty training because they also encourage your child's independence in easily sliding pants up and down. In addition to a potty training product, Pull-Ups® training pants are a symbol to your child that it's time to potty like a Big Kid®. Going back and forth from diapers to training pants can lead to confusion, so consistently putting them in Pull-Ups® will help make their potty training journey fun, fast and easy.

As much as potty training is an exciting adventure to begin, it can also be intimidating for both toddler and parents. Pulls-Ups® training pants help provide a smoother transition between diapers and underwear, encouraging parents and children to work together on this significant developmental milestone. Pull-Ups® training pants also have unique benefits that diapers don't offer, such as a more underwear-like feel, easy sliding up and down to encourage independence and refastenable sides for easier changes with an active toddler.

There is no one-size-fits-all method to potty train! All children are unique, and their journeys will be too. So do what works best for your family and your child’s personality, strengths and challenges. We will do our best to provide you helpful tips and tricks along the way. Check out our Potty Training Resources to get started.

You may have heard that potty training should start at age 2 – this is a huge myth! The fact is that not every child is ready by then. There is a lot of physical and mental development that goes into potty training readiness, and those developmental signs will happen at different times for different children. Check out our When to Start Potty Training resource page to learn more.

Though you do hear some success stories of doing an intensive few-days boot-camp training, most children take longer. How long varies by child and can range from weeks to months and take multiple tries.

Congrats! You and your child have successfully done everything you possibly can on this potty training journey. The only thing to do now is trust the skills that your toddler is mastering until their body naturally extends them to nighttime. Overnight dryness is something toddlers grow into over time as their bodies mature. While you wait, try out our Pull-Ups® Night*Time Training Pants, our most absorbent product for up to 12-hour overnight leak protection.


Pull-Ups® Brand offers three different types of training pants that each provide unique benefits. First, Pull-Ups® Potty Training Pants feature Disney graphics and fun musical designs that fade when wet so kids see the difference between wet and dry and be motivated to stay dry. Second, Pull-Ups® Skin Essentials™ Training Pants are ultra-soft and ultra breathable to help protect sensitive skin. Third, Pull-Ups® Night*Time Training Pants are our most absorbent product, providing up to 12-hour overnight protection. Click here to find the best Pull-Ups® product to fit your needs.

Pull-Ups® Potty Training Pants come in four sizes: 2T–3T (16-34 lbs), 3T–4T (32-40 lbs), 4T–5T (38-50 lbs) and 5T-6T (46-60 lbs). Pull-Ups® Skin Essentials™ Training Pants come in three sizes: 2T–3T, 3T–4T and 4T–5T. Pull-Ups® Night*Time Training Pants are available in two sizes: 2T–3T and 3T–4T.

You will receive 2 different pant designs in each package. In Pull-Ups® Potty Training Pants you will find Mickey or Minnie Mouse designs. In Pull-Ups® Skin Essentials™ Training Pants, you will find Buzz Lightyear or Elsa designs, and in Pull-Ups® Night*Time Training Pants, you will find sleeping Mickey or Minnie designs.

Yes. Each style of training pants has different absorption zones based on where boys and girls need it most. While the overall absorbency is similar between boy and girl variations, you may find a better product experience by purchasing specifically for your child’s body. We encourage families to use what works best for them!

Pull-Ups® training pants are carried at a variety of national retailers, though specific types and quantities vary depending on location. Click here to find Pull-Ups® near you.

We do not currently have a direct order program for our training pants. We do however offer a resource to Help Choose a training pant for your child and a tool to make it easier to Buy Online.

Prices are always at the sole discretion of the retailer, but click here to get an idea from your favorite retailer.

All our training pant styles feature fading graphics to help teach Big Kids to stay dry. And they also all feature refastenable sides to make changes even easier with an active toddler.

All Pull-Ups® training pants are built with flexible leg cuffs that hug the leg for a close, comfortable fit. These special features help eliminate gaps that may cause leaks.

The Pull-Ups® manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark, has a long history of providing products that help improve the health, hygiene and well-being of people everywhere. The safety of our consumers is our number one priority, which is why we take serious responsibility for developing safe and effective products. All Pull-Ups® products undergo thorough internal and independent safety evaluations that support our confidence in the quality and safety of our products.

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Yes! You can recycle the cardboard cartons and cases in your curbside recycling along with other paper. Plastic bags and poly films should be taken to “Store Drop Off” collection sites. For more information, visit How2Recycle.

While we are committed to supporting sustainable practices, Pull-Ups® training pants are not biodegradable at this time. We do continually strive to do our part in reducing our waste impact and have an entire team dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint. Please visit our corporate sustainability page for more information around our focus on sustainability and waste reduction.