Inform Houseguests
If you are having houseguests during the holidays, make sure they know your child is in the process of potty training. Let them know that when your child expresses it’s time to go potty, you may interrupt activities to respond. Explain that you will reward your child for a job well done, and invite guests to join in your praise.

Be Consistent
Family gatherings, longer meals, changes in work schedules, and guests coming and going can distract you and your child from your toilet training plans. If you haven’t already done so, create a potty schedule for your tot and stick with it! When you’re out and about, remember to take frequent potty breaks. If you’re staying away from home, pack familiar supplies like a potty chair and Pull-Ups® Training Pants so your child feels more at ease when using a new bathroom.

Stay Centered
With the excitement of the holidays, it is easy to allow other things to demand your time and energy. During this special season, be sure to devote the same amount of attention and enthusiasm to your child that you would during the off-holiday season.

Don’t Dwell on Setbacks
If you get off track during the holidays, don’t dwell on it. Keep a positive tone throughout, and start back up when things slow down and there are fewer distractions. Remember that, above all, potty training is a process and it is normal to have setbacks.