Commonly called “bedwetting,” enuresis can be caused by stress, very heavy sleeping, having an unusually small bladder, urinary tract infections, constipation and developmental delays. Typically, if your child is between the ages of 4 and 12 years old and fully potty trained by day, but having three to five wet incidents per week at night, talk to your pediatrician. She may diagnose nocturnal enuresis aka "bedwetting". In fact, over 25% of 4-6 year olds experience nocturnal enuresis.

If this is the case, GoodNites® disposable nighttime underwear or an absorbent GoodNites® Bed Mat can help. And remember: Children don’t wet the bed on purpose. They want to be like the other kids, and are usually just as interested as you are in achieving nighttime dryness. The percentage slowly but steadily decreases each year in school, but a surprising number of children still need to wear GoodNites even through middle school years.

GoodNites solutions will support your child through the process, and eliminate middle-of-the-night bed changes and huge laundry loads. GoodNites will be your partner in nighttime dryness until your child’s bladder catches up with the rest of his body.

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