Soft and Breathable
Made with soft and breathable materials for comfortable everyday wear.
Refastenable Sides
Make changes fast with refastenable sides even on the go
Fading Designs
Only Pull-Ups® have Disney graphics that fade when wet, teaching your Bid Kid® to stay dry
Mainline power pose
Fun Disney Graphics
Only Pull-Ups have exciting Disney characters that your Big Kid® will love!
Fits Like Underwear
Because they deserve outstanding protection with an underwear-like fit.
Absorbency Zones for boy
Absorbency Zones
With up to 100% LEAK FREE protection where boys need it most

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With these must-have product features, you'll be potty training like a pro in no time.

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Your child's skin is our priority. That’s why we carefully select each ingredient that goes into Pull-Ups® Training Pants. Here’s a look at all the unique ingredients and their purpose.

Polyethylene A common material derived from sugarcane. We use it to deliver softness, breathability and protection.
Wood Pulp A plant-based material that helps absorb wetness and store it away.
Polyurethane/polyolefin elastics A material with stretch that provides a great fit and helps prevent leakage.
Adhesives Used to hold components of the training pant together.
Sodium Polyacrylate A superabsorbent material that pulls in and absorbs fluid for wetness protection.
Colorants and Inks Pigments are used to provide the fun colors and designs seen on our products. The amounts we use are evaluated to ensure they are safe and non-sensitizing.

Pull-Ups® Potty Training Pants For Boys

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Our Pull-Ups® Potty Training pants are ideal for potty training. While this is our most cost-effective option, it still delivers the quality and protection that you depend on Pull-Ups® for. It also still features many of our core benefits such as: fun Disney designs, fading graphics to teach Big Kids® to stay dry, underwear-like fit and refastenable sides for easy checks and changes.

The musical design on the front of the training pant begins to fade when wet, which serves as a tool to help your Big Kid learn the difference between wet and dry and be motivated to stay dry.

You will receive 2 different pant designs in each pack. If you purchase the boy product, you will receive 2 unique designs with Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck. If you purchase the girl product, you will receive 2 unique designs with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

Yes. Each style of training pants has different absorption zones based on where boys or girls need it most. While the overall absorbency is similar between boy and girl variations, you may find a better product experience by purchasing specifically for your child’s body. We encourage families to use what works best for them.

Both feature benefits that are core to the Pull-Ups® promise, such as: Disney graphics, designs that fade when wet, Refastenable sides and an underwear-like fit. However, Pull-Ups® Potty Training Pants and Pull-Ups® Skin EssentialsTM Training Pants offer unique benefits too. Specifically, Pull-Ups® Potty Training pants are our most cost-effective option that still delivers the quality, protection and benefits that you depend on Pull-Ups® for. Pull-Ups® Skin EssentialsTM Training Pants offer a more luxury experience as our ultra soft and ultra breathable option to help protect sensitive skin.

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