Printable Potty Training Sticker Charts

Jan 18, 2023 | 2 Minutes Read

Print out a motivating Sticker Chart with your potty trainee! Hang the chart in the bathroom at your child’s eye level, and let them pick a small sticker to put on the chart every time they do something amazing in the bathroom – whether it be a successful potty or even just remembering to flush or wash their hands.

Printable Potty Training Sticker Charts
For some kids, the immediate positive reinforcement is an effective reward, just watching the stickers build up. But others may like to work toward a bigger reward like a favorite treat or activity, which they can earn after a certain number of stickers. Choose what’s right for your toddler, and know that it’s okay if they have a hard time understanding the idea of long-term goals or don’t have a solid sense of time yet. That’s common for children of this age. In any case, don’t make it too difficult to get a sticker or for the bigger reward to pay-off, as taking steps in the right direction is all that matters.

As you and your Big Kid® make progress on the potty training adventure, cycle through these customizable sticker charts to help keep the reward fun and different while keeping track of their goals. Add some extra fun to your adventure by filling out the chart together! Simply start by letting your child color their chart, write which of their training moments you’d like to highlight, and then put a sticker on the chart for every bathroom victory! Encourage your child to show the stickers to family members as well to show off their progress.

When you feel like your toddler is starting to progress beyond successful one-time trips into entire successful days, download this advanced sticker chart to level up the sticker chart incentive!

Rockstar Sticker Chart
Mickey Mouse Sticker Chart
Minnie Mouse Sticker Chart
Next Level Sticker Chart


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