8 Fun Potty Training Games For Toddlers

Jan 18, 2023 | 4 Minutes Read

Slow Down. Children at Play! We’ve all seen the signs, and we know kids love to play. But you might not have realized that kids can have fun potty training too. We’ve rounded up our favorite potty games and put them to the test. Word on the street? Kids love them! Parents do too.

Play fun potty training games to keep your child excited about the bathroom

Make Potty Training Fun

If you’re looking for fun ways to potty train, you’ve come to the right spot. But the great news is potty training games aren’t just about entertainment. They also make it easier for kids to learn important skills and navigate new situations – at home and when they start potty training on the go. They’re a great way for kids and parents to make an emotional connection during this important developmental stage too.

Best Potty Training Games

Potty training is a journey. And it starts well before your toddler actually starts peeing and pooping in their potty. It starts with watching for signs of potty training readiness and includes everything from shopping for potty training essentials to learning about how everything works in the bathroom. The great news is you can use games to guide you through it.

These games can help make potty training fun for you and your child – and help you enter the journey with a positive attitude and a confident toddler:

  1. Pull-Ups® Scavenger Hunt. Looking for a fun way to introduce training pants to your child? The Pull-Ups® Scavenger Hunt lets your curious kid seek and find all the things that have to do with going to the potty such as toilet paper and soap. It’s also a great way to introduce Pulls-Ups® training pants – an important tool in the journey to becoming a Big Kid.
  2. Build a Bathroom Puzzle. The bathroom might seem like a mysterious place to your child. Help them learn all the essential tools they’ll use with the Build a Bathroom Puzzle. It’s a fun way to build confidence in your toddler while you point out the toilet seat, toilet paper, flush handle, sink faucet and more.
  3. The Potty Training Race. The Potty Training Race is a fun and easy way to teach your child how to use the potty. It also gives them a cue word for when they really need to go! You’ll place the potty chair somewhere in the bathroom and then race to see who can sit down first. You can even put the potty chair in other rooms to mix it up. This active game is great for kids with a free-spirited or high-energy potty personality.
  4. Potty Seek & Find. Go on a Potty Seek & Find to make sure your child knows where the potty is and how to get there. You can then make it a game by hiding the potty chair in different places each room for your child to find. Afterward, you can then explain that, just like your child has found their potty chair in different places in your home, they’ll find toilets at stores, restaurants and friends’ houses too.
  5. Which Is Faster? game. Haven’t quite convinced your child that Pulls-Ups® training pants are better than diapers yet? Have a child with a cautious or eager-to-please potty personality who likes to know all the details? The Which Is Faster? game compares getting a diaper change to using the potty – and typically shows that acting like a Big Kid gets your child back to playing much faster.
  6. Find the Potty game. Help your toddler stay interested in potty training while you’re away from home using the Find the Potty game. You can review with our downloadable version of the game during screen time, then challenge your child to try to spot the toilet in new places. High-energy kids in particular love this game as they try to be first to find the potty.
  7. Can You Do What I Do? game. Kids love to mimic their parents, and this easy potty training game invites them to do just that. You’ll guide your toddler through the steps of the pottying process and ask them to copy you as you say, “Can you do what I do?” and your child responds, “I can do what you do!”
  8. How Many Pull-Up® Training Pants Can You Find? This seek and find game can be played online, or in real life using just two things: a package of Pulls-Ups® training pants and some creative hiding skills. Place the training pants in unexpected places around your home, and then ask your child to go find them. It’s a fun way to spend time together as they get familiar with their new potty training tool.

Fun Ways to Kick off Potty Training

Along with potty training games, there are plenty of other great ways to make potty training fun. Check out these ideas for starting potty training in a fun way including taking a special trip for potty training essentials and getting creative with a sticker chart or “going to the potty” song.

Choose one game or a bunch to kick off your potty training adventure. You know your child best – and understand what will help build their confidence and motivate them toward becoming a Big Kid. Be flexible. Potty training can take a while (eight months on average), so you might need to mix it up and try something new after a few weeks. But whether you’re racing to the potty or having fun as your little one mimics you in the bathroom, you’re sure to have some smiles and laughs. Along with ditching diapers (of course!), it’s what’s most important right now for you both.


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