Night Time Pull-Ups® Features

Overnight Pull-Ups® for girls Training Pants feature added absorbency for protection at night.

Our most absorbent pant

For added protection at night
Overnight Pull-Ups® for girls have soft and stretchy sides to ensure a better fit.

Great Fit

With all-around coverage and soft, stretchy sides

Overnight Pull-Ups® for girls have an underwear like design.

Underwear-like Design

Help teach how to put them on and take them off
Overnight Pull-Ups® for girls feature designs that fade when wet.

Teaching Tool

Designs fade when wet to promote learning
Overnight Pull-Ups® for girls are designed with easy open side for quick changes.

Easy Open Sides

For quick and easy changes when she needs it
Overnight Pull-Ups® for girls features cool Disney designs.

Disney Designs

Featuring Disney Princess characters Cinderella and Belle

Pull-Ups® Girls Night*Time Training Pants Sizes

Pull-Ups® brand offers fun designs and a comfy fit for all shapes, sizes and personalities. 

Pull-Ups® Sizes


18-34 LB.

or 8-15 KG.
Pull-Ups® Sizes


32-40 LB.

or 15-18 KG.

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