Sometimes things don’t always end up where they are supposed to. Holly, a New York mom, talked to us about this hilarious potty training tale. “My daughter was about two years old and standing at the top of the stairs with a big grin yelling, ‘Mommy, Mommy I made poopy!’ I looked up, and she was SO proud, then I noticed she was holding it in her hands.”

And then there are those unanticipated events that work in your favor, like this story that Darcy from Brooklyn described. “My younger daughter wasn't seeming quite ready for underpants, but we were [out shopping] and bought a princess pack for when she was. Of course she demanded to wear them immediately. I put a pair on her, but she apparently didn't get that underwear was different from Pull-Ups, and peed as usual while climbing into her kitchen chair. She looked dumbfounded when the pee went all over and started crying."

Mom blogger Jessica Rosenberg of recounted the first, and last time her daughter didn’t use the potty. “One day, when my daughter was just getting started, she was running around the house naked. She squatted to pee on the floor in the living room and ran off. Then, on her next loop around, she slipped in her own pee. We still laugh about it!”

When you’re going through the potty training journey, every little set back can seem like a big deal, and it may feel like your child will never fully get the hang of it. But take it from veteran parents – those mishaps are just bumps in the road that you will one day look back upon with laughter, and maybe even a touch of nostalgia. Keep your sense of humor and make sure not to make your child feel bad about these “uh-oh” moments. Soon enough, your child will be potty trained and you will be sharing your own head-shaking stories with parents going through it for the first time.