Ways To Potty Train: The Pull-Ups® Potty Training Method

Jan 18, 2023 | 3.5 Minutes Read

If you’ve been searching for the best potty training method, you’ll definitely want to learn more about the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership approach.

Based on tried-and-true potty training methods supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians, these ideas for how to potty train are designed to be tailored to your child’s unique personality and how they learn. Let Pull-Ups® Brand help you make potty training fun, fast, and easy!

Start Potty Training with the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership

The Pull-Ups® potty training approach is based on proven research and an understanding that, because no two kids are alike, no family will have the exact same potty training experience. There are three key parts:

  1. Understand your child. When it comes to potty training, personality matters. Start with the Potty Training Personality Quiz or read below to see what personality describes your toddler.
  2. Have a plan. Once you know your child’s personality, search the site for tips on how to kick off the potty training journey along with the rewards, teaching style and praise that will work best for them.
  3. Put them in Pull-Ups® training pants. Introduce your child to Pulls-Ups® training pants and start training together. They can help your little one understand that they’re on the path to becoming a Big Kid®— and they make for far easier clean-up when you’re just getting started and accidents are bound to happen.

Child-Led Potty Training

Child-led potty training doesn’t mean you just sit back and let your child explore potty training on their own. It simply means that you watch for signs of potty training readiness, consider your child’s personality and tailor your approach. You’re an important part of the journey. But think of yourself as a coach, not a boss. As ready as you may be to get your child out of diapers, potty training is something that you can’t force. When your toddler is ready, it will happen. Our potty training readiness quiz can help you figure out if it’s time.

Which Potty Personality Sounds Most Like Your Child?

Based on research and observation of personality types in young children, we’ve developed five potty training personalities. Take the personality quiz to find out which one most resembles your child.

  • High-Energy Personality. Driven. Energetic. Easily distracted. If these words describe your toddler, they’ll need constant interaction, whether it’s keeping them company in the bathroom or playing a game to keep them interested. Kids with this personality are hyper, and making sure they have enough play time to burn off some energy will help them settle down to try the potty. Get training tips.
  • Shy Personality. Shy. Nervous. Resistant to change. If you have a child like this, they’ll likely be interested in potty training but suspicious of the process because it’s something new. So they probably won’t be too eager to try it out. They also have a will of steel; they’re persistent and insistent on doing things their own way. Get training tips.
  • Cautious Personality. Careful. Detailed. Follow directions. Kids with this personality type have a lot of strengths that fit nicely into the potty learning journey, and they often are potty trained fairly early on the age spectrum. In the first part of potty training, they need to know the rules ­— and they want to do everything right. Cautious kids will follow your directions, so give them clearly and in order. They’re known to concentrate well when they understand what’s expected and have some guidance. Get training tips.
  • Free-Spirited Personality. Independent. Free-spirited. Fun loving. These kids will be willing as long as the potty training journey is fun. When their interest wanders, however, they can be easily distracted. They don’t notice — or care — if they have a full diaper and are unlikely to pipe up if they need a change. Get training tips.
  • Eager-to-Please Personality. Ready. Willing. Eager to please. Kids with this personality have lots of energy and are pretty easy to direct. They’re loving, enthusiastic and only irritable when hungry, tired or sick. If this describes your child, they’re generally happy, pleasant and ready to go — characteristics that translate well to potty training. Your child will probably notice when their diaper is full but not be necessarily bothered by the feeling of it. Overall, they will be interested in the potty. Get training tips.
Unsure which of these personalities is a match for your child? Take the personality quiz to find out.

Tailor Your Potty Training Approach

Once you know your child’s potty training personality, you can take advantage of thePull-Ups® Potty Partnership. Check out our potty training games and reward ideas— including a call from their favorite Disney® character.

You can also find helpful guidance on how to properly wash your hands (our poster is a good reminder about the 20 seconds of scrubbing!) and how to make the transition from diapers to Pull-Ups® training pants. Hint: It’s an important part of becoming a Big Kid®, so make sure you’re consistent once you introduce training pants.

With great products, tailored advice and lots of creative ideas for arts and crafts, games, and rewards, Pull-Ups® Brand can help you make a plan that will work for you and your child. So give partnering with your toddler a try. Together, you’ll both be crossing that finish line soon!


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