How to Potty Train Your High-Energy Child

Jan 18, 2023 | 1 Minute Read

Toddlers with high energy are always on the go, so they couldn’t care less about stopping to use the potty. The can’t-stop, won’t-stop energy of this personality makes potty time a real adventure. They’re not likely to stop playing long enough to use the potty. This personality doesn’t seem to be bothered by a full load in their pants, because they’re too busy to notice.

How To Potty Train

Tips for training your High-Energy Child

Here are some tips on how to achieve potty training success with your high-energy child:

  • Skip the Finer Details: Your on-the-move toddler doesn’t have the patience to sit and listen to all the details of the potty process, so don’t bore them with instruction.
  • Game On: Get them started on games and combine with real potty experiences.
  • Quicken the Process with Pull-Ups® training pants: Let your busy toddler know that consistently using Pull-Ups® is faster than using diapers – which means playtime starts even sooner!
  • All of the Feelings: Make sure your high-energy child is aware of their own body. Ask them what they feel when they need to go potty. Just remember that toddlers sometimes have a hard time putting their feelings and sensations into words, so you can also share what it feels like when you need to go.
  • Don’t Stop Moving: Keep them moving when possible. Children with high energy need tons of exercise and play time to they can later settle down to their potty business.


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