How To Potty Train Your Shy Child

Jan 18, 2023 | 1 minute Read

Your child has a reserved personality that is content with the way things are now and rather resistant to change. Shy children prefer quiet activities and can be slow to warm up to new situations. Potty training is no exception.

Mom learns how to potty train by personality for her little Turtle

Tips for Potty Training your Shy Child

Start your journey with some key tips & tricks for your shy child.

  • Let Them Adjust: Your little one will need some time to adjust to the idea of potty training so gradual exposure is key.
  • A Casual Intro: Nonchalantly introduce a potty, spend some time explaining it, and let them witness the family's bathroom habits.
  • Encouragement is Key: Let your Big Kid lead the way here, and give them plenty of reassurance to them help feel secure.
  • Don't Force Things: Don't be too pushy or your child will crawl back into their shell!
  • Keep Things Consistent: Shy children thrive on consistency, so make sure to explain why it's important to stick with wearing Pull-Ups® training pants!


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