Pull-Ups® Potty Training Scavenger Hunt Game

Jan 18, 2023 | 4.5 Minutes Read

Looking for a fun way to introduce training pants to your child? The Pull-Ups® Scavenger Hunt lets your curious kid seek and find all of the things that have to do with going to the potty.

This potty training game is one of many activities you can do with your child to make sure they start potty training the fun way.

Use our infographic, or read on below, for instructions on how to play!

Potty training involves many objects and skills that are new to your toddler. Your child has probably never used toilet paper before, let alone sat on a potty or flushed a toilet. The large amount of changes can feel overwhelming to a toddler.

You can make it easier for your child by breaking all the parts of potty training into small pieces that you introduce one by one. In this potty training scavenger hunt game, you are helping your child by introducing just the new items they will use when they start going to the potty. You can save working on skills for another time.

Why is it helpful to have these items when potty training? When your child is ready to start training, the consistency of wearing training pants instead of diapers helps them understand that things have changed and they should no longer just “go.” Pull-Ups® training pants have an underwear-like fit and are easily pulled up and down, making your toddler feel independent.

Furthermore, your child may physically need a potty chair or seat to help them safely go to the potty. Think about where you would put the seat or potty chair and who else needs to share the bathroom, then narrow down your list of options. Involving your child in the final selection will help them feel connected to the potty training process.

Introducing these potty training items through a scavenger hunt game is not just a gentle way to help your child learn. It also serves to build excitement for your child and gives the two of you the chance to do a fun potty training game together.

Whether this is your child’s first time interacting with the items, or you’re trying to renew interest in potty training for a child who’s gotten off track, this game of hiding potty-related items around the house or toy room can help motivate your child to use the potty.


  1. Place potty-related items around the room, including:

    • Pull-Ups® training pants
    • Potty chair
    • Toilet paper
    • Soap
  2. Get a box or container that all the items will fit in handy. You may want to make this the special container where your child can keep all potty training items.
  3. Tell your child that you bought them a special pair of training pants, called Pull-Ups® training pants.
  4. Introduce the game. "Let’s play a new game! You wear diapers, and I wear underwear. Right now, you go potty in your diaper and then I change you. Now it’s time for you to learn how to use the potty, just like I do!”
  5. Explain the rules to your child. “I have placed a few things around your playroom to help you go to the potty like a Big Kid like your own special training pants called Pull-Ups. Let’s see if you can find all of the things that have to do with going to the potty that I’ve hidden in the playroom! Let’s look together. When you find something that has to do with going to the potty, put it in this box. We can talk about them afterward.”

    Adaptation: Some children need pictures to go with your words. Take a picture of each of the items on the potty training scavenger hunt while you are preparing, then show your child the pictures one at a time while hunting.
  6. Ask your child, “Can you help me find all of the potty items in this room?” Use Disney to motivate and excite your child. “Can you help me find your favorite character?”
  7. Offer to help, “Let’s look together!” and place the items in a special container.
Once your child has played a few times, allow them to keep these items close by in a special place where they are easily accessible. Also allow them to choose the Pull-Ups® training pants they want to wear each time they need to change. Pull-Ups® training pants, Pull-Ups® Skin Essentials™ training pants, and Pull-Ups® Night*Time training pants each have different designs!

Now that your child has knowledge of the items to use, you can build upon it. We have plenty of potty training games to help them learn! Try the Potty Training Race to put their focus on the potty, and connect the feeling of needing to go with going over to the potty.

Play Can You Do What I Do? to show them the actions they need to take when using the potty. Build your child’s interest in using the potty with the Which Is Faster? Game that shows them they will have more time to play if they don’t need to spend time being changed every few hours. Soon, your child will have learned potty training the fun way!


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