Pull-Ups® Which Is Faster Potty Training Game

Jan 18, 2023 | 2.5 Minutes Read

Introducing Pull-Ups® training pants is a big, symbolic moment in your child’s development. Your little one is no longer a baby, but a toddler! But maybe your Big Kid doesn’t want to slow down and take the time to try something challenging. Your child likes to keep moving; however, you can use this to your advantage. The "Which is Faster?" game allows your child to see that wearing Pull-Ups® can help them to get on to whatever’s next after going to the bathroom.

Infographic showing the step-by-step instructions for the Which is Faster Diapers Vs Pants game
Making – and sticking with – the training pants transition is important to the potty training journey you’re taking together. Here’s why:

  • You’re acknowledging this important achievement. Potty training isn’t just a skill – it’s actually the signature developmental achievement of toddlerhood.

    • Toddlers’ brains and abilities aren’t fully developed, so mastering a complex skill like potty training is a pretty tall order. This iconic journey requires coordinated physical, emotional, moral and cognitive development along the way.
  • You’re in it together. Now that the potty training journey has begun, make the first time they put on a Pull-Up a special one. This is an opportunity to reinforce the promise that you’re in it together, on the potty training journey and beyond.

    • Christopher Cooper, an associate professor at the University of Iowa and director of pediatric urology for the Children’s Hospital of Iowa, thinks this sort of excitement or curiosity is important for introducing training pants to a child. “When the child is showing interest in toileting and starting to stay dry, it’s a good time to start using training pants,” says Dr. Cooper.
  • Consistency boosts learning. Toddlers thrive on consistency, which helps them practice and feel comfortable with their new skills. You can help by explaining to your child that diapers were made for babies, but Pull-Ups were made for toddlers who are learning to be Big Kids. Ditching the diapers and sticking with Pull-Ups helps remind your child of the new potty skills they’re working so hard to learn.

    • Once your child is interested, it’s a good idea to help him or her become familiar with training pants. Before starting to use them, we recommend practicing pulling their training pants on and off together. This way, your toddler will become familiar with the process before they’ll have to do it by themself. Once the up-and-down movement has been mastered, consider giving your child a chance to sit on the toilet — first with the pants on and later with them off. Then explain to your child exactly how the training pants work.
  • Potty training is a process, with you and your child working together toward the same goal. Your toddler is working to build a complex, lifelong skill over this potty training journey, with your help along the way. Your guidance, support, and patience will help set the tone of your relationship for the years to come.

    • We can help too, providing everything you need to make your journey together a successful one. Making the big switch into Pull-Ups helps your child take pride in -- and celebrate -- this important developmental achievement!

      • Learn more about potty training boys and girls.
Switching from diapers into Pull-Ups shows your child you appreciate – and support – all the growth that’s gone into the major transition from passive baby into active toddler. Teaching them how to play the “Which is Faster?” game shows them the benefits of making the change to training pants too!


Your child’s always moving, so take advantage of it! Add this game to your training routine and see how wearing Pull-Ups training pants can speed up the changing process to help free up time for everything else.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Time the Process
    • When changing your child’s diaper, set a time and talk to them about how long it takes.
  2. Now try with Pull-Ups ®
    • At the end of the change, put on Pull-Ups ® to show that it’s faster than diapering.
  3. Play “Time to Potty”
    • After each change, play the “Time to Potty” game. Have him go through the entire process of pulling down the new (clean) Pull-Ups ®, sitting on the potty, etc.
      • “Let’s see if you can beat our diaper change time… Ready, set, go!”
  4. Keep Playing!
    • Play this a few times and adjust your speed to allow the Pull-Ups ® and potty combination to be consistently quicker than the change.
Try These Fun Tips:

  • As your child improves, congratulate and encourage them to play the “Time to Potty” game whenever they feel ready to go to the bathroom.
  • Talk about how easy and fast it is to go the bathroom when wearing Pull-Ups ® and set the expectation that they start using them in the real bathroom.
  • Continue to use our timer and the game to chart his improvements.
  • Make a chart of the game times and keep it in the bathroom for your child to see. Seeing visual representation of progress will help keep him interested.
Don’t punish children for any accidents, though. Instead, reward and support children for going to the bathroom or at least trying to go.

And remember, once you’ve made the big transition to training pants, try not to confuse your child by switching back to regular diapers. Accidents and setbacks will happen, but don’t let them discourage you or your toddler!


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