The "He Said, She Said" On Potty Training

Jan 18, 2023 | 2 Minutes Read

Boys and girls present unique challenges in every area of parenting — and potty training is no exception. Though girls and boys take roughly the same amount of time to train (eight months on average), there are many differences between boys and girls throughout the process. Jan Faull, Pull-Ups® Potty Training consultant, shares tips on helping your little lady or lad master potty training.

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1) Slow and Steady Always Wins

Regardless of gender, children progress through the potty training process at their own rate and in their own way. Because of this, Faull reminds parents to allow their child to set the potty pace and protocol.

“It’s important to know that children usually don’t catch onto both peeing and pooping at the same time,” says Faull. “If a child shows interest in learning one, allow him or her to focus on that task. It will be much easier for your child to conquer the next potty skill with the confidence gained from the prior achievement.”

2) Like Parent, Like Child

Children are great mimics. It’s an easy way for them to learn new concepts, including using the potty.

“Though a role model of any kind will help children learn how to potty train, children often learn best from watching a role model who is made like them — boys watching their dads and girls watching their moms,” says Faull. “If mom or dad can’t be around to help, an aunt or uncle, or even an older cousin, can step in. Wanting to be like an older boy or girl they look up to is often all the inspiration a toddler needs to become a potty pro.”

3) Sitting vs. Standing for Boys

Because potty training with boys involves both sitting and standing, it may be confusing which task to teach first. Faull recommends using your child’s own cues to determine what progression makes the most sense for your unique little one.

“Some boys learn to urinate first by sitting and then later standing, while others insist on standing from the very beginning of potty training,” says Faull. “It’s important when coaching your son to use flushable targets, such as cereal in the toilet, to teach him to aim accurately.”

Even though training differs between boys and girls, staying positive and patient is the key to success for every parent and potty trainer.


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