Introducing Pull-Ups® Training Pants To Your Cautious Child

Jan 18, 2023 | 3 Minutes Read

Soon, your child will want to try the potty on their own. What times of day do their diaper usually need a change? Keep this in mind, as cautious children tend to be fairly consistent and predictable in their pee and poop habits. Introduce Pull-Ups® training pants as their special potty training pants that will help them learn how the Big Kids® do it. Children like yours like to be in charge, and Pull-Ups® products help them build skills by putting more of the potty training process into their hands. 

Dad and son learning about Pull-Ups Learning Designs together
When your child is showing regular interest in the toileting process, it’s a good time to introduce them to Pull-Ups® products. Your fastidious child is likely to know when they have deposited any poop or pee into their pants, so they may enjoy Pull-Ups® training pants or Pull-Ups® Skin Essentials™ training pants. Both have designs with a fading graphic that disappears to confirm your child’s suspicions that they need a change.

Try these Potty Talk scripts with your Cautious Child:

  • “I notice that you’ve been interested in going potty and telling me when your diaper needs a change, so I brought you some Pull-Ups. Now you have your own special potty training pants that will help you become a potty expert.”
  • “You can pull your Pull-Ups on and off just like we practiced with your pants. You’ll wear them instead of a diaper. When you feel like you get that tight feeling in your belly, just tell me and we’ll go to the bathroom and practice putting your pee and poop in the potty. Would you like to try your new Pull-Ups on now?” If your child says yes, take advantage of the opportunity and ask if they’d like to try to go on the potty before they put on their new Pull-Ups.

Potty Skills Build Independence

  • Pulling pants up and down is an important skill that builds independence — for potty training and beyond. It’s also something tentative children like to practice, and it helps them get ready for using Pull-Ups. Make sure your child has pants with an elastic waistband, and give opportunities throughout each day to practice this skill. Gentle repetition will comfort your cautious child and help them feel more confident in the potty training process.
  • Give your child a choice when you’re introducing Pull-Ups® training pants. Let them be part of the process in choosing their type of Pull-Ups pants, and the character on them. The more you partner with your thoughtful child, the more on board they’ll be with the process. If your child isn’t ready to put them on, don’t push it. Work together to find a special place in the bathroom for the Pull-Ups, and let them know that they’ll be there when they’re ready. “Your Pull-Ups will be right here. Maybe you’ll be ready to try one on after I change you next time.”

Different types of Pull-Ups help your child to feel and see when he’s gone pee or poop in them. They are specifically designed for girls and boys to learn when they have eliminated.  Explain, “Sometimes it’s hard to feel when you have gone to the bathroom. Once you know that you have gone pee pee, you can come sit on the potty to see if any poop wants to come out, too, and we can get you into some fresh Pull-Ups.

When your child is ready, have them put their Pull-Ups® Training Pants on, and show them the designs. Explain how if they’re ever unsure whether they’ve gone, they can check by looking at the design. “You can show me your faded design whenever you didn’t make it to the potty, and we can go to the bathroom to see if anything else comes out. Then we’ll give you a new pair of Pull-Ups.”


Fun Disney Designs

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Pull-Ups® Potty Training Pants
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