Potty Training Songs And Videos

Jan 18, 2023 | 3 Minutes Read

Why not make toilet training an enjoyable bonding experience for you and your little one with these potty training songs and videos?

Potty training songs and videos are a great way to get your toddler excited about using the toilet like a big kid – while also learning how to wipe, why we go to the toilet and ways to keep hands clean

Catchy tunes can help little ones to remember what to do when they need to go, while funny videos explain why you need to pee and poop in a way they’ll understand. They can even follow along with their favorite TV characters, from Elmo to The Wiggles.

You’ll also find potty training videos for parents packed with tips, tricks and advice for when your child is ready. You can watch them together or use the videos as inspiration for your own potty training plan. 

Whether you’re just starting the potty training process, or you’ve been teaching your child for a while, a little singalong will boost your child’s confidence ready for that next step.

From your little one’s favorite TV characters to advice for parents, discover the best potty training songs and videos for every stage of your child’s journey.


Songs on when to use the potty

Ginneh’s Potty Song – Make the potty training process easy for you and your child with this catchy tune. Sing each part together and teach your kids to communicate when they need to go. 

Bear in the Big Blue House: Potty Chair Song – Sing along with Bear in the Big Blue House as your little one learns how to keep clean and listen to their body to know when they need to go.

Potty training videos and songs on going to the potty

Growing Sound: Potty Training 101 Poop Song – This catchy tune covers every step of the potty process, from pooping to wiping. Simple lyrics make it easy for you and your toddler to learn and sing together.

Sesame Street’s Potty Time – Learn how to use the potty with Elmo. This educational song encourages your child to go with the flow.

Little Baby Bum: The Potty Song – A cute cartoon panda teaches your little one the importance of practicing using the potty – removing the embarrassment of accidents and encouraging your child to keep trying.

The Wiggles: The Toilet Song – Let your toddler try The Wiggles’ toilet challenge and see if they can sit on the potty for the whole song. The fun visuals and catchy song will keep your child entertained.

Videos on cleaning after potty time

Daniel Tiger – Watch with your child as Daniel Tiger learns how to know if he has to use the potty. This fun cartoon entertains your child while they use the potty and teaches them to wipe, flush and wash their hands.

CoComelon: Potty Training Song – Your toddler can potty train along with J.J. in this happy nursery rhyme. They’ll love being one of the big kids when they use the potty, wash their hands, and do the potty dance.

Potty training videos for parents

Potty Training a Toddler in 22 Easy Steps – This dad and daughter duo show you the different stages of the potty training process. Pick up tips and laugh if it doesn’t quite go to plan.


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