How To Potty Train Twins

Jan 18, 2023 | 3 Minutes Read

Twins, triplets and, more — if you‘re raising multiples, you already know that every child will develop at their own pace. Potty training is no different. So, if you’re wondering how to potty train twins, the most important thing to know is they’ll probably progress at different paces. Read on for helpful tips for potty training twins in your family.

Twin girls brushing teeth together

How to Tell if Your Twins are Ready to Potty Train

Just as in all aspects of development, each child has different strengths and challenge areas, and every child is ready for potty training at their own pace. Especially with multiples, one child may show signs of readiness before the other, and parents of multiples often say that it’s actually easier to potty train twins separately! So don’t rush one twin if the other one is ready earlier. Look for signs of readiness in each child and separate their journeys as necessary. This readiness quiz can help you determine if it’s time to start potty training, and you can also watch for these signs of potty training readiness:

  • Pulling at a wet or dirty diaper
  • Hiding to pee or poop
  • Showing interest or copying the behavior of people who are using the bathroom
  • Staying dry in their diaper for longer than usual
  • Waking up dry from a nap
  • Telling you that they’re about to go or have just gone

Preparing to Potty Train Twins

Once you’ve determined that one or both of your twins are ready to start potty training, it’s time to start preparing! These tips will help you and your multiples be ready for potty training before the journey officially begins:

  • Know your toddlers’ personalities. Multiples can share a lot of fun moments together, but understanding their unique personalities will better set you up for success as you’re planning how to potty train twins.
  • Make a shopping trip. Take your twins to the store to pick out their very own Pull-Ups® Training Pants with the Disney characters they love. You can also show them underwear while you’re out so they have something to look forward to later in their potty training journey.
  • Buy a potty seat for each twin. If both of your twins happen to be ready for potty training at the same time, be sure to have a little potty available for each of them to help eliminate potty competition. Let each child customize their potty seat with stickers or write their name on the base of the potty chair to make it special.
  • Talk about going potty and introduce them to the bathroom. Give them a tour and explain what everything is. Start telling them when you have to go potty, so that they understand how to communicate when they need to go.

Tips for Potty Training Twins

Now that you’re ready to get started on the journey of potty training twins, you may find that the advice below helps you and your kids have more fun and better understand the process:

  • Keep potties in the playroom. Twins often have so much fun playing together that it can be hard for them to make it to the bathroom. You can also set a timer that plays a song or funny noise to remind them when to take a potty break. Make it a game and see who can get to the potty first!
  • Mimic how it’s done. It’s no secret that kids love to copy their parents, older siblings or other guardians. Introduce how it works with the Can You Do What I Do game. With multiples, the game could be even more fun with everyone copying the leader!
  • Limit the use of rewards when potty training twins at the same time. Since your multiples may not progress at the same pace, don’t make rewards a big focus. Instead, celebrate the twin with praise, singing a song, doing a dance or giving a big high five. You’ll want to keep encouraging that twin but not make the other twin feel bad about their progress. Be sure to tailor your praise to their unique personalities too, as children may respond differently to different forms of encouragement.
  • Make potty training fun. These potty-themed games and activities are a great way to keep your twins excited about potty training.
  • Keep a change of clothes in your travel bag. Remember that accidents happen, and that’s completely normal. Don’t make a big deal if one or both of them has an accident – just clean it up, change their clothes and move on. Try to grab the larger stalls in public restrooms so you can fit both kids in the stall with you and all take turns on the toilet.

#1 Tip: Don’t Compare Their Progress

Don’t despair if someone is a late bloomer compared to their sibling. Sometimes, the children who start learning first end up taking longer to train, and the ones who start the process later might learn quicker from watching their twin in the bathroom. The most important thing for you and your kids to keep in mind when potty training twins is that it’s not a competition. Let them go at their own pace and keep sibling rivalry to a minimum. Soon enough, you’ll be on to the next adventure in raising twins!


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