Can You Do What I Do? Fun Potty Training Game

Jan 18, 2023 | 3 Minutes Read

Kids often mimic what their parents do, so why not use that to your advantage during potty training? "Can You Do What I Do?" is a great way to guide your child through the process of using the potty.

This fun potty training game is one of many games you can play with your child to help them have fun potty training.

While going to the bathroom is a routine you do on autopilot now, your child doesn’t know how. Help your toddler know how to go to the bathroom by breaking it down into steps. The “Can You Do What I Do?” game will help you make learning about potty training easy for your child, while also making it fun!

Your child will need to master certain skills like being able to get to the potty and pulling a pair of pants up and down by themselves before they are ready to start potty training or to play this game. Our Potty Training Readiness Quiz can help you determine if your child has the abilities they need to start.

As part of the game, you will need to be ready to praise your child for each potty step they do. Put some thought into how you will praise your toddler in this game, and when they are really using the potty. Try to be specific about what actions they are taking and think about what kinds of praise your child responds to best.

Plus, it can feel awkward to speak about potty terms. You might want to choose what you say ahead of time. Experts are divided about whether using words technical terms or sillier words is best, so pick what feels right for you and your child. Practice saying some phrases out loud or into the mirror so that you are ready to talk with your child.

You might also want to make sure you’ve stocked up your bathroom with potty training supplies. When you get in there to play the game, you’re going to want to make sure you can cover everything, from how your child can get their Pull-Ups® training pants on and off, to wiping with toilet paper, to washing their hands with soap and drying with a towel.

Having considered the above, you are now ready to show your toddler how to go potty—and get silly doing it!

Pull-Ups® Can You Do What I Do? Fun Potty Training Game Instructions

Invite your child to play the “Can You Do What I Do?” game as you go through your bathroom routine.


  1. In this game, you say, “Can you do what I do?” and perform a part of the potty process for your child. Then wait and watch as your child copies you.
  2. To keep the game interactive, you can have your child say back, “I can do what you do!” while mimicking your actions.
  3. As your child becomes more advanced, they can lead the game, showing that they know the step of the process.
  4. Praise your child as your child takes initiative in each part of the pottying process.
Variation: Turn up the silliness! Try making a funny face or a goofy sound with each action and make that part of what you and your child must mimic off of one another!

Even after your child plays through this game a few times, you’ll want to revisit the steps with them to help them retain what they’ve learned. If you’re not up for playing Can You Do What I Do? every time, having your child do a few simple warm-ups like pulling their pants up and down and sitting on the potty will help the steps stick in their memory.

Once your child has the actions down, the next step is helping your toddler recognize when they need to go. You can help them recognize the urge by talking about what it feels like in your own body. You can also point out signs they show you when you see them, like wiggling when they need to go or passing gas before a bowel movement.

If your child likes being active, there are many more fun potty training games you and your child can play to teach them about all the elements of using the potty. Remember that this doesn’t have to be a chore—it can be a fun experience and quality time that you and your child spend together! Embrace this opportunity to make an emotional connection while potty training.

As your child builds their skills, help them track their progress with a potty training sticker chart. Over time, your child will impress you with everything they’ve learned. Remember to celebrate the wins big and small along this journey—and don’t forget to reward yourself!


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