So don’t try to potty train when your child is already dealing with a lot of change. In particular, Turtles, Owls and Squirrels do best when their environment is calm and settled. Here are 10 examples of when NOT to push potty training:

1. The birth of a sibling

2. Moving into a new home or other major family changes

3. Transitioning from a crib into a Big Kid bed

4. No longer using a bottle at night

5. Being weaned from breastfeeding

6. Stopping the use of a pacifier

7. Starting at daycare or preschool or switching to a new school

8. Illness

9. You’re in the middle of the holidays, and there’s already a cascade of candy, many late nights and excitement in the air

10. If some external force — like a preschool or a well-meaning relative — is pressuring you to potty train your child, but your child is not ready

Stabilize the family ship before tossing a new skill like potty training out there. And besides, YOU don’t need the extra burden of potty training when things are stressful, either! Waiting until things are calm will ensure the potty training seas will be pleasant — and successful — for the whole family.