Potty Training Race

Jan 18, 2023 | 2 Minutes Read

The Potty Training Race game is a fun and easy way to teach your child how to use the potty, as well as give them a cue for when they really need to go!

Potty Training Race
Start introducing your child to the potty with the “Potty Training Race.” This bathroom game is designed to teach your child how to use the potty and give your little trainee a cue word for when they really need to go. Along with being a great way to make potty training fun for you and your child, this game gives your child the opportunity to feel in control.

How to Play

  • Place a potty chair in the bathroom and show it to your toddler.
  • Explain to your child that to play this bathroom game, you have to listen closely for the code word. The code word can be something like “Time to Potty,” or something more fun and creative that your toddler gets to choose.
  • After hearing the code word, you and your child both have to race to the potty and whoever sits on the potty first wins!
To increase the challenge as your child gets the hang of it, try extending the life of the game with these tips:

  • Play the game in every room of your house. Move the potty chair to more difficult spots.
  • Time them to see how fast they can find the potty chair and encourage them to keep beating their last time.
  • Add one more step to the race, where your child has to pull their pants down before sitting on the potty.
  • Add another step to the race, where the winning action is peeing or pooping into the potty.

Extra Potty Race Tips

Always remember, if you’re potty training a very active personality, keep things highly interactive and engaging. Especially for those children who love to play, this game is a great option to motivate your child and get them potty  trained that allows them to keep moving and put all that energy to use.

Interested in some more potty training or bathroom games? Check out the following:

  • Pull-Ups® Scavenger Hunt. Looking for a fun way to introduce training pants and other potty training items to your child? This Scavenger Hunt lets your curious kid seek and find all the things that have to do with going to the potty, such as toilet paper and soap. It’s also a great way to introduce Pulls-Ups® training pants – an important tool in the journey to becoming a Big Kid.
  • Build a Bathroom Puzzle Game. The bathroom might seem like a mysterious place to your child. Help them learn all the essential tools they’ll use with the Build a Bathroom Puzzle. It’s a fun way to build confidence in your toddler while you point out the toilet seat, toilet paper, flush handle, sink faucet and more.
  • Can You Do What I Do game. Kids love to mimic their parents, and this easy bathroom game invites them to do just that. You’ll guide your toddler through the steps of the potty process and ask them to copy you as you say, “Can you do what I do?” and your child responds, “I can do what you do!”
Ready, set, go! Before you know it, you and your little one will be playing your way through potty training with these fun games. If one game doesn’t quite get your child’s attention, move on to the next! Be patient and don’t forget that every child learns differently and at their own pace. You may have to try out a few different games before you find one that suits your child the best.


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