Potty Training Coloring Pages For Kids

Jan 18, 2023 | 2 Minutes Read

When you purchase Pull-Ups® training pants, there’s fun inside the Pull-Ups® box: a kids’ coloring mat that can help teach your toddler the ABCs and 123s. And now you can get potty training printable coloring pages anytime by downloading them right here and printing them. Just click the button below for your child’s favorite character. And be sure to tag us on social media to show us your toddler’s creativity!

Potty training coloring sheets

Keeping your child’s potty training personality in mind, check out our fun ideas for kicking off potty training and great ways to reward your child along the journey:

  • Get a call from their favorite character. It’s a great way to reward their potty training success — including big moments like wearing Pull-Ups® training pants or going on the potty for the first time.
  • Get musical. Come up with a special “going to the potty” song you can sing at special moments. You can repurpose a song you both already know with a funny new chorus or start from scratch. Not much for singing? Put on your child’s favorite songs and have an impromptu dance party!
  • Make your child’s own book. Many parents keep a basket of books in the bathroom so they can read to their child. It’s a good way to help them patiently wait when they’re first learning to use the potty and can’t always recognize the urge to go. For a special reward, make your child their own My Potty Book. With your child as the star, the book can tell the story of their potty training journey — from your special trip to the store to buy Pull-Ups® training pants and a potty seat to the first time they use the potty all on their own. You can create the book together or do it as a surprise.

Creative Art Projects for Toddlers

Toddler arts and crafts are a fun way to bond with your little one. And they can also be a part of fun potty training. Check out these creative ideas to kick off the potty training journey:

  • My Potty Book. If you’ve started the potty training journey already, there’s a good chance you’ve read a lot of books while your toddler was waiting on the potty. And there are probably a few favorites they’ve memorized already. Mix things up and delight your little one by making a personalized My Potty Book.
  • Treasure chest. In the early stages of potty training, there can be a lot of waiting, and keeping your toddler entertained is important. Instead of stacking up a pile of books and other little toys near the toilet, create a potty training treasure chest for your boy or girl.
  • Potty training cake. Just kicking off the journey? Once you’ve gathered all the potty training essentials, introduce your child to Pull-Ups® training pants — and underwear if you’ve already bought them — by making a potty training “cake.”

Fun Potty Training Games

Games are a great way to keep your little one engaged in the potty training journey too. Try these favorite potty training games:

  • Pull-Ups® Scavenger Hunt. Introduce all the tools your child will need for potty training with the Pull-Ups® Scavenger Hunt.
  • Build a Bathroom Puzzle. While your child experiences the bathroom every time they have a bath, there’s a good chance they haven’t looked much at the toilet. Help them learn all the essential tools they’ll use once they are potty training with the Build a Bathroom Puzzle.
  • Can You Do What I Do? game. Kids love to do what their parents do, and this easy potty training game is a great way to make mimicking you into a potty training lesson!

Get a Disney Character to Call Your Toddler

You can visit our character call webpage to have an encouraging call with your child and their favorite Disney character. It’s a great way to surprise your toddler and celebrate their potty training success!

Whether you’re a creative person who loves arts and crafts or you’re building your skills right alongside your child, it’s important to know that the bonding experience is what matters. Sure, that My Potty Book or treasure chest might not look like it came right off a Pinterest board. But to your child it will be perfect. And that’s what truly matters.


Fun Disney Designs

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